Workplace Audit

Are you unsure of the health hazards present at your worksite?

What is a Workplace Audit?

Are you unsure of the health hazards present at your worksite? Are you looking for one-on-one guidance and support? A qualitative exposure assessment by a competent and qualified Certified Industrial Hygienist is the solution for you.

Some signs of an occupational hygiene problem can be apparent, however, you’ll need an occupational hygienist’s expert skills to correctly identify, assess, and control these hazards, and prevent severe problems such as respiratory conditions, skin diseases, and hearing loss.

A site inspection, coupled with a qualitative exposure assessment, is the right way to ensure you have captured all health hazards present.

With Exposure Control Consulting…

With Exposure Control Consulting as your partner, we can anticipate and recognize health hazards associated with your production or facility. We will risk rank your hazards by severity and offer solutions to reduce health hazard risk.

A comprehensive workplace audit and qualitative exposure assessment will provide value such as:

  • A fundamental basis for an occupational hygiene exposure monitoring program;
  • Development of similar exposure groups (SEGs) based on worker locations, job descriptions and approximate risk definition;
  • Development of control and protection programs that address documented health hazards;
  • Visible action of prevention and worker involvement; and
  • A solid foundation of employer due diligence.

Our consultants are highly experienced and ready to help you.

Our experts understand how chemical, physical, and biological agents can affect human health, understand what exposures high risk, and how to reduce exposure using the hierarchy of controls.