Compliance Assistance

Assisting you & your company to efficiently comply with regulatory orders related to occupational health & safety.

Efficiently Comply with Regulatory Occupational Health & Safety Orders

Exposure Control Consulting can assist you and your company to efficiently comply with regulatory orders related to occupational health and safety. We will assist your team in taking all corrective actions to meet compliance requirements and get your workers safely back to work.

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation is enforced by WorkSafeBC prevention officers to ensure workplaces like yours are in compliance with this regulation. During an inspection, an officer will ask to be shown around your worksite and may ask to see documents. In the event that your workplace is deficient on the regulation and related policies, they can issue:

  • Stop work orders – immediate halt of production, equipment, machinery, process until employer corrects the contravention and proves compliance with the related regulation. All work can be stopped and the workplace can be cleared of workers until the hazards are corrected.
  • Compliance orders – prevention officers provide reports and may cite orders if they identify health and safety violations that require correction. Normally, WorkSafeBC will give an employer 30 days to comply.

What do I do with a WorkSafeBC order?

In the inspection report, the officer will ask you to submit a Notice of Compliance. In this Notice of Compliance, you will need to explain what you have done to comply with the orders.

We have supported organizations’ orders related to regulatory non-compliance of:

  • Exposure to chemicals and biological substances
  • Confined space hazard assessment documentation
  • Noise exposure
  • Respiratory protection and fit testing records
  • Exposure control program/plan documentation
  • Training requirements
  • Safety data sheet inventory
  • Emergency washing facilities
  • Substance-specific requirements like asbestos inventory documentation

Take the guessing and stress out of dealing with the regulator.

Exposure Control Consulting has competent and qualified professionals to help you determine the measures you and your employer must take to comply with these orders, and ensure that the necessary steps are taken to correct the violation.