Respirator Fit

Your office or ours, Exposure Control Consulting offers quantitative testing

Your Office or Ours

YOUR OFFICE OR OURS, Exposure Control Consulting offers quantitative fit testing (QNFT) following (CSA) Z94.4 Selection, Care and Use of Respirators for workers using:

  • N95 Respirators
  • Half-face Respirators
  • Full-face Respirators
  • SCBA/SABA Facepieces

Who requires a fit test?

Any person who is required to wear a respirator during the course of their normal workday duties, or any person who is required to wear a respirator for emergency response activities should be fit tested to ensure an effective seal.

People working in the following industries will often need to be fit tested:

  • Healthcare including nurses, doctors, long-term care homes, dentists, orthodontists, dental hygienists
  • First responders including emergency medical services (EMS), firefighters and police officers
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Chemical production
  • Pharmaceutical and research laboratories

Student Fit Testing

Respirator fit test requirements are also for college students of various programs

Students of various programs including trades (welding, carpentry, power engineering) and health-related (nursing, social work, dental hygiene) programs often require this record before placements.

ECC is pleased to offer student discount rates.

How often is a fit test required?

Any worker who needs to wear a respirator requires fit testing prior to using the respirator for the first time. Fit testing is required at least annually as per WorkSafeBC legislation. 

Group Sessions and Discount Rates

We are happy to provide hourly rates for larger groups. Please request a quotation for the best pricing available by using the contact form provided, with the following information:

  1. Number of Candidates
  2. Location
  3. Type of Respirator(s) 
  4. Type or hazard or industry

We make sure you can access respirator fit testing services when you need it. We offer a 24-hour call out service to take on any size of job. Contact us for your fit testing needs.