Procedure & Policy Drafting

Take the guessing out of understanding occupational health & safety regulations.

Customized Health & Safety Procedures/Policies

Exposure Control Consulting can assist you in creating and implementing customized health and safety procedures/policies.

We are proudly building documentation for customers on:

  • Chemical Management
  • First Aid
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hearing Conversation
  • Health and Safety Policies and Management Systems
  • Personal Protective Equipment including Respiratory Protection
  • Training Material

Organizations that Foster a Healthy & Safe Workplace

Part of being an organization that fosters a healthy and safe workplace is having policies in place that everyone in your organization can follow. They are your rules.

You should just be able to download your policies off the internet and change the logo, right? Or buy policies from a company that sells them ready made. Well, it’s not quite that easy. Those policies may be outdated, not specific to your operation, or from another jurisdiction.

They are a great starting point and can help you with wording. We do that too! The difference is that we have the experience and expertise to know very quickly if those policies meet current legal requirements. We also know how to take the words on paper and translate them into real-life results. We know how our policies will make your workplace safer.

Exposure Control Consulting provides outstanding service and competitive pricing for our documentation drafting.